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Our Purpose

  • Butter and Egg Cares Foundation exists to work with youth groups to facilitate social and emotional skills development, engage in learning opportunities outside of a traditional classroom setting, foster a sense of individual self-worth and empathy for others, and participate in activities that support healthy risk-taking and building self-confidence.
  • A particular effort will be made to accomplish these goals in outdoor settings, to increase one’s appreciation of nature and development of outdoor skills such as canoeing and fishing.

Who Do We Serve?

  • Butter and Egg Cares Foundation’s target audience are children between the ages of 11 and 17 from all economic, ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds. We work with these children in settings such as school groups and community groups like the Boys and Girls Club.

Where Do We Meet?

  • Our programs are presented in small group sessions that can be completed in various time formats. Butter and Egg Cares will develop a program based on a group’s needs assessment and can be offered at school or community center locations, as well as at Butter and Egg Adventures’ Troy location.

What Do We Offer?

Butter and Egg Cares Foundation will offer participants an opportunity to enhance their communication skills, while becoming effective at group problem-solving. This process will utilize a group of trained, empathetic facilitators who will lead participants through a series of initiatives that involve mental, physical, and emotional risk-taking. Group experiences will utilize outdoor challenge courses, as well as indoor facilities with portable props and teambuilding aids.  In conjunction with Troy Bank and Trust, a financial literacy program can be taught to our participants.  This activity teaches budgeting and smart money management to children and teenagers.

Working Together

Things We Do Here